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Ralph Mountz
Of Robesonia, PA
Aboard ?
Passed Away Feb. 6, 2017
Reported by Jean C Boyer (daughter)

Charles Ferguson MM3 A Div.
Of Adelanto, CA.
Aboard 10-66 to 07-69
Passed Away March 29, 2014
Reported by Ferguson family

Milford Yates PF2
Of Fowerville, MI.
Aboard 1952-54
PassedAaway 11 Feb. 2017
Reported by Walt Carpus

George Walters MM2
Of Lindenhurst, NY
Aboard 1950-54
Passed away 17 July 2016
Reported by his daughter Susan Walters-Klenke

John H. Holl, 1st class R Div
Of Wellford, S.C
. Aboard 1950-1952
No other information
Reported by his wife Joyce

John "Pat" Hooper YN3
Aboard 1950-1954
Passed Away 19 March 2016
No other information
Reported by his wife Nancy

Don McMillian XO
Of Waxachie, Texas
Aboard 1962-63
No other information
Reported by Walt Carpus

Dennis Lee Gebheim SF2 (R-Div)
Of Spooner, WI
Aboard 1958/62
No other info
Reported by Bill Fair

Gerald Remley SK2
Of Landisville, PA
Aboard 1954/55
Passed Away 25 June 2014
Reported by Pat Riley

Charles Viars
of Max Meadows, VA.
Aboard Unk.
Passed Away 12-30-2013
Reported by Walt Carpus

Louis Kuhrt EM1
Aboard 1953-1957
Passed Away 8-15-2012
Reported by Walt Carpus

Leroy Mayes
of Saint Paul, Arkansas
Aboard 1956 to 1960
"Scuttlebutt" returned marked deceased
Probably Passed Away 2013 Reorted by Walt Carpus

Fred Wise ET2 (O Div)
of Williamsport, PA
Aboard 1957/60
Retired 1973 ETC
Passed Away Dec 17 2013
Reported by wife Sharon

Arthur Johnson EM3
of Waverly, NY
Aboard 1952 to 1953
Passed Away Feb. 2012
Reported by Walt Carpus

Leonard LeBlanc BM1 1st Div.
of Westminster, MA
Aboard 1953-1956
Passed Away Dec. 22, 2012
Reported by Walt Carpus

George Yezzi MM3 'M' Div.
of Binghamton, NY
Aboard 1950-1954
Passed away Nov.5, 2013 of heart failure
Reorted by wife Nancy

Merlin R. Norby E-1 to Capt. Naval Service 38 years total enlisted and officer
Of Alexandria, VA
Aboard Unknown
Passed Away June 28, 2013
Reported by Walt Carpus

Donald R. Baker(Second Division BMSN/coxswain/LCVP2)
Of Malden, New York
Aboard 1957-1960
Passed Away June 13th, 2013
Reported by his wife Judy

C.R. Antoine (Buddy) 2nd Div.
Of Mobile, AL
Aboard 12-58 to 9-60
Passed away December 15, 2012 of heart attack
Reported by Shipmate & His friend W. D. (Andy) Anderson

Don Rutledge BM3 (1&2 Div's.)
Of Madison, AL.
Aboard 1953-1956
Passed away May 12th, 2012

Louis kuhrt EM 1 E Div.
Of Parker, CO.
Passed away Aug.15th 2012

Clare W. Bradley
Of Port Richy, FL and Black River, MI
Aboard 11/1951 to 3/1955

Robert L. Henke DC3
Of Edwardsville, IL
Aboard 1967-1971
Passed away 11-2011

George Parker EM2 "A" Division
Of Coleman, FL
Aboard 1960-63 (approx)
Passed away in May of 2012
Reported by Ship Mate Randolph Bulgin

John E. Theriac DC2 "R" Division
Of Chula Vista, Ca.
Aboard 1961-1963
Passed away May 20 2012 (Cancer)
Reported by his sister Angie Land
(his photos are in the Fore & Aft Section)

. Vernon "Boone" Trout "M" Division
Of Zanesville OH.
Aboard 9/1951 to 5/1954
Passed away in June or July of 2010
Reported by Shipmate John Caudill

William "Bill" Maxwell
Of Pleasant Grove Alabama
Aboard 1950 to 1954
Passed away May 4th, 2010

Jerry Ballard YM2 (Ret. Chief)
Of Memphis, TN.
Aboard 1961-1963
Passed away Sept. 2, 2010
Reported by his wife

Barry Strieter
Of Unionville, MI
Passed away July 21, 2011
Reported by Shipmate Bill Faulker

Eugene Bracken
Of Virginia Beach, VA
Passed away 8-27-2010

Don Hanson QM2
Of Bonner, Montana
Aboard1951 to 1953
Passed away March 28th, 2011 (Cancer)
Reported by his wife Carolyn

John Dunathan DK3 Supply Div.
Of Cincinnati, Ohio
Aboard 1952-1953
Reported by his wife Doris

Emil Albert "Lee" Kasan Yeoman
Of Tampa, Florida
Aboard 9-13-51 to 2-6-53
Passed away 2-16- 2010
Reported by his wife Marilyn

Ray Knutson MMC
Of Sioux City, IA.
Passed away 11-21-2009
Reported by his daughter

Adrian L. Boswell IC2 E Div
Of Libby, MT.
Aboard 58-61
Passed away Died 6-11-2010
Reported by his wife Myrna

Dennis A. Koch EM1 E Div.
Of Plainfield, ILL.
Aboard 1950 to 1955
Passed away Dec. l, 2010
Reported by his wife Carol

Wayne Dalton BMSN (2nd Div)
Of Randleman, NC.
Aboard 1957-1959
Passed away February 7, 2010
Reorted by Shipmate Rev. Rick Roland
(his photos are in the Fore & Aft Section)

Lawrence "Larry" Savage MM3 M-Div
Of East Northport, NY
Aboard 1955-1957
Passed away 12-13-2009 Lung Cancer (Mesothelioma)
Reported by his daughter Annemarie Lent

Phillip "Phil" Johnson RD2 O Div.
Of Lewisville, Texas
Aboard 1955-1957
Passed away 01-30-2010 Cancer
Reported by Shipmate Dale Ross

Richard Lawrence O Div.
Of Waverly, NY.
Aboard 1959-62
Passed Away 8-16-09 Pneumonia

Harris Meadows ENC A Div.
Of Norfolk, VA
Aboard Sept. 1953-Nov 1955
Passed away 2-11-04 Stroke
Reported by His son Brian Gordon

Lewis Eugene Gordon Cook/Baker
Of Fort Wayne, Indiana
Aboard 1950-1954
Passed away 9-11-09.

Hector Rambla MM3 M Div.
Aboard 1965-69
On 1-09
Mail returned marked deceased

Tom Holloway
Of Sparta, NC.
Aboard Earley 1950's
Passed Away 6-30-06
Reported by daughter Susan

Floyd Miller LTJG Gunnery
Of Urbandale (De Moins) IA.
On board 1951-53
Passed Away 10-31-08
Reported by Kathy Miller

Pete Mc Dougal A Div.
Of Homasassa, FL.
On board 54-57
Passed away 12-05-1905

John Beane SK2 Supply
Of Lenoir, NC.
On board 67-68
Passed away 1-2-09 Cancer
Reported by his wife Carolyn

Paul Pama DC3 R Div.
Of Mount Holly, NJ.
On board 51-55
Passed away 12-30-08 Heart attack
Reported by his brother

Jack Eggert E Div
Of Lockport, NY.
On board 46-47
Passed away 10-22-08 Heart attack
Reported by his wife June

Joe Carp BM 3 1st Div
Of Clear Water, FL
On board 54-59
Passed away about 11-08

O.J. Hise BM Chief
Of Cahokia, IL.
On board mid to late 50's
Passed away 11-30-88
Reported by his stepson Robert Taylor

Joseph O'Brien Chief MAA 2nd Div. (Plank owner)
Of Atlantic, IA.
On board 1945-46
passed away 2-12-08
Reported by his Son Mark O'Brien

James Pakuris Master Chief BM Retired
Of Warwick, RI.
On board 1950-52
Passed away 4-8-2008

James R. Magee Sr
Of Cherry Hill, NJ.
On Board 1950's
Passed Away 03/06/1996
Reported by his Son Michael J. Magee

Richard Hodson DKSN
Of Bay City, MI.
On board 1950-52
Passed away March 26, 2008
Reported by his Wife Barbara

Rudoff Baumgarten
Of Sarasota, FL.
On board 1950-52
Passed away May 10,1997

Ed W. Dalton
Of Pacific Grove, CA.
Aboard 1956-57
Passed away prior to Sept. 2005

George Duckworth DCCS R Div.
Of Chesapeke, VA.
On board 1964-65
Passed away May 5, 2005

Michael Doskotz Passed away March 4, 2003

David Engel Of Norfolk, Va.
Passed away Oct. 4, 2002

Bob Dunham
Of Erie, PA.
0n board 1956-59

Rev. Don Smith RM3 O Div.
Of Tuscaloosa, AL.
On Board 1945-46
passed away on 10-12-07
Plank Owner for pre-commissioning detail at Newport, RI.

Greg Garcia RM2 O Div.
Of Tampa, Fl.
On board 1965-68
Passed away "around 1996"
Reported by: Richard Bair

John Layhon GM3 1 ST. Div.
Of Pimbina, ND.
On board 1955-59
Passed away 01 March 2007 after a short battle with lung cancer

Harold Green SM3
Of Escondido, CA.
On Board 10/31/45 to 4/2/46
Passed away before April 2007
Reported by his wife Louise

Joseph O. Danca CCS S Div.
Of Malden, MA.
On board 50-53
Passed away on Aug 18 2005

Oscar E. Everette "Whiz" BMCM (USN Ret.)
Of Norfolk, VA
Aboard 1950
Passed away on December 3, 2006

George Clayton EM2 E div
Of Wilmington, DE.
Aboard 1958-1963
Passed away on May 10 2006
Reported By: Gerry Remley

Harry Sands
Of Jackman, ME
aboard 1952-53
Passed away Oct 25, 2005 of asthma and other complications
(Reported by Pat Riley)

Michael J. Matarese (Radarman)
Of Wilmington, DE
Aboard 1956-1957
Passed away 1986
(Reported by Shipmate Dale Ross)

William Sherlock BM3
Of Gautier, MS
Aboard 1955 TO 1957
Passed Away March 22, 2006 of Cancer
(Reported by his son John)

John F. Altman CS2
Of Phoenix, OR
Aboard 1954 to 1958
Passed away October 15, 2005

Richard W. Varney EM3 (E Div)
Of Beverley, MA
Aboard 1954 to 1956
Passed away May 27th, 2005 of heart failure

Robert Fray Richter Radarman 2
Of Morristown, Florida
Aboard 1958-1961
Passed away Sept 21st, 2005 of Cancer
(Reported by his friend and shipmate Jerry Stoner)

Clarence Robertson
Of Charlotte, NC

William Radcliff
Of Waxall, PA

Del Reed
Of Cleveland, OH.

Michael J. Doskotz
Of Yonkers, NY 10705

Wayne E. Butler (Ships serviceman)
Of Norfolk, VA
Aboard 1962 to 1966

David "Dave" D. Reese Deck Force (Boat Div)
Of Chillicothe Ohio
Aboard 1951 to 1953
Passed away 1987 of heart failure
(Reported by Henry Reese)

William "Bill" C. Stewart ("The Bull")
Aboard 1958 To 1960
Passed away Sept. 2004 of Cancer
(Reported by: John Hahn)

Aboard about 1959 TO 1964

Roy W. Mitchell
passed away 7-25-02 of Cancer
served aboard in early 50's

Arthur R. Hart BMSN (Diver)
of Knoxville Tennesee
Passed Away Aug. 1st. 2004 of Cancer in Atlanta, GA.
Aboard early 60's

Sam Dubois RD2
of North Dakota
Aboard ? till 1967
Passed Away in 99 or 2000
(Reported by: R.A. Stauffer)

George Carrasco
of Tampa, FL
FPP2 R Div
Aboard 1950-52
Passed Away Dec.26th,2003

Thomas Newsome
of Martinsburg, VA
Passed Away Oct. 23, 2003

Thomas Kavanaugh
of Norfolk, VA
CWO USN Ret Deck Div
aboard 1961-64
Passed away Feb 3, 2004

Carl Franklin Cody
Aboard 14 October 1944 to 10 July 1946
Passed away on September 9, 1983 of a heart attack

Donald Yockey
of Georgetown, OH
Passed away Nov. 6 2002

Wayne (Skip) Butler
of Norfolk, VA
Ships Serviceman
aboard 1962-65
Passed away Oct. 10, 2002
heart attack

Michael Doskotz
of Yonkers, NY
Chief Boatswain's Mate
Passed away March 4, 2003

Clarence Robinson
of Charlotte, NC
passed away June, 25 2001

James Matiska MM A Div
of Elmira, NY
aboard 1955-57
Passed away 1997

Neil McDougal EM A Div
of Michigan (brother of Charles)
aboard 1951-55
Passed away July, 1986

Charles McDougal MM A Div
of Michigan (borther of Neil)
aboard 1952-56
Passed away 1998

Robert M. Mossey
aboard:Feb 1959-Sept 1962
Born: 10/12/1919
Passed away 11/14/2000

William Hal Frye
of Chariton, Iowa
Born July 29, 1922
Passed away February 14, 1990 - Grand Rapids, Mi.

Norman Skiba
of Ohio
Electrician (News Letter"Scuttlebutt"Editor)
Aboard 1951 to 1954
Passed away 12-03-02 of Cancer
(his photos are in the Fore & Aft Section)

Wayne Johnson
Aboard 1962-1963
Passed away, No Date (Reported BY: Wife Brenda)

Harold H. Iseli
of West Allis, WI
Aboard 1960-1964 (approx.)
Passed away July 22,2002

Francis Gauthier
of Sierra Vista, AZ
Passed away August, 2001

R.(Roy) Buddhu
of Cherokee Village, AR
(Former Commanding Officer)
Aboard 1/64 to 6/55
Passed away 10/4/01

Charles Plaga
of Jackson,MI
(Reported by:Adrian Boswell)

Tom Schramm
of Jackson,MI
(Reported by:Adrian Boswell)

Charles Robert Derr
MM1(A Division)
Aboard 1955-58
Passed away February 2001

Chester E. Herron
of Downingtown, PA
Aboard 7/1952 to 2/1953
Passed away April 7th 2001
(his photos are in the Fore & Aft Section)

John E. Moriarty
of Norwich,CT
Aboard 1956 to 1959
passed away 11/30/95.

Kenneth Hensley
of Gahanna, Ohio.
Aboard 1952 to 1954
Passed away in May of 1990

Norbert C. Lonczak
of Cheektowaga NY
Aboard 1955 to 1958
Passed away:November 13, 1998

Robert P. Woodean
of Niagara Falls, NY
Passed away July 18, 1995

Eugene Plante
(no further info)

Stanley Yankauskas
of Waterbury, CT
Passed away October 1990

Preston H. Day
Of Easton, ME
Aboard in 1952
Passed Away 1966

Clayton W. Boso
(no further info)

Bob Dunham BM 2
(no further info)

Taddie GMG1
(no further info)

Daniel (Dan) Simpson
Passed away Jan. 1992

Don T "Dink" Dangerfield
Aboard 1957-1960
Passed Away Nov. 25, 1988
Reported by his daughter Penni (Dangerfield) Gale

Kenneth McDowell
No Further info

Stanley W. Sadowski
of Chicago, IL
Killed on Duty (Aboard)1953

Jim Vent
of San Diego
Passed away July 30, 2000

Dale R. Alderman
of Fenton, MI
Aboard 1952-55
Passed away June 21,1999

Calvin H. Gress
of Springfield, MA
Aboard 1950-53
passed away Nov. 23, 2000

Junious T. Rainey
of Franklin,VA
M Division
Aboard 1951 to 1955
Passed away in 1993


Eternal Father, Strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bid'st the mighty Ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
O hear us when we cry to thee,
for those in peril on the sea.

O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard
And hushed their raging at Thy word,
Who walked'st on the foaming deep,
and calm amidst its rage didst sleep;
Oh hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in peril on the sea!

Most Holy spirit! Who didst brood
Upon the chaos dark and rude,
And bid its angry tumult cease,
And give, for wild confusion, peace;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee
O Trinity of love and power!
Our brethren shield in danger's hour;
From rock and tempest, fire and foe,
Protect them wheresoe'er they go;
Thus evermore shall rise to Thee,
Glad hymns of praise from land and sea.

Lord God, our power evermore,
Whose arm doth reach the ocean floor,
Dive with our men beneath the sea,
Traverse the depths protectively.
O hear us when we pray, and keep
Them safe from peril in the deep.