Welcome to the "LUCKY BAG" the lucky bag is a were personal gear that has been "left adrift" is put. It then can be reclaimed by the original owner or someone else by paying a small fee that usually went to the recreation or welfare fund aboard a ship.......there is no fee here, this is were you look for lost ship mates (Fort Mandan Crew Only). if you would like to locate a shipmate who is not listed in the personnel office or the Honors Page, send an e-mail using the form below to the MAA(webmaster) and the information will be put here. maybe some one who knows his whereabouts will see it and be in touch. No promises but nothing ventured nothing gained. PLEASE if you have been found or if you find who you are looking for let us know. Found shipmates are noted in RED

1. Ronald LaDuc aboard in 1967......contact Linda Gurganus of Ralegh,NC. at: drmwalker@aol.com

2. Alan Malm, served aboard 1956 - 1960. Contact Rick Roland at: revrick@redrivernet.comFOUND

3. Westmoreland MM1 aboard in 60's contact: Bill Walsh at: wanchtybee@aol.com

4. Jerry Brown EN3 aboard in 60's contact:Bill Walsh at: wanchtybee@aol.com

5. Sutton MM2 (EN2) aboard in 1962? contact:Robert B. Borden at:Sgtborden@aol.com

6. Richard (Dick)Bewley contact:Don Sass at:sasebo.crypto@gte.netFOUND

7. Roy Mitchell Badford Rd. Cleveland OH. contact:MAA OFFICE

8. 1957-1960 crew members contact:Wayne Dalton at: wdalton6@bellsouth.net

9. Clifton Dupree aboard late 60's contact:Butch Harvey at:heyvols67@aol.comFOUND

10. James Todd (DK) aboard 1951 contact: John Dunathan at:jdunathan@juno.com

11. Bob Starr aboard 1951-52 contact: John Dunathan at:jdunathan@juno.com

12. Don Mortier aboard 1966-67 contact: MAA Office

13. ? Tooth, served aboard 1956 - 1960. Contact: Rick Roland at: revrick@redrivernet.com

14 .Jim Hagan (cook) aboard 1952-53 contact: John Dunathan at:jdunathan@juno.com

15. Vernon Martin aboard 1969-71 (E DIVISON)contact: C J Dupre at: ELSYEW@MSN.COM

16. Radcliff MRC aboard 1959-60's contact: Robert Borden at:bbob9@juno.com

17.Lee Jerome (DK) aboard 52-53 contact: John Dunathan at: jdunathan@juno.com

18. Lance ChiclcoteRM3 aboard 68-70 contact: Sam Thorn at samthorn@home.com

19. William G Hyde QM2 aboard 51-54 contact: Jack Stenner at: jstenner@optonline.net

20. Kenneth Jenkins GM3 aboard 51-53 contact: Chuck Neubauer at: Neubie311@aol.com

21. Edward A. Turner QM3 aboard 46-48 contact: Jim Shehi at:jdshehi@juno.com

22. Wayne Liberty Aboard 57-59. If you know him knew him contact:gijoe20yrs@netzero.net

23. William A Taylor, boilermaker, aboard 66-71. If you knew him, contact Joshua Paul at: JBPaul@phhlaw.com

24. Jack (KY) Toll, Radioman, aboard 58-59, contact Jerry Stoner at: stoner647@comcast.net

25. Patrick v. Dunn In 1964 Was Oil king "B" Division If you know him contact Lawrence Morrissey @ ljmgm@mindspring.com

26. Ray Levesque - Engineman Rating - A Division 1967 - 71 From Maine If you know Ray have him contact Ron Wilson - memnpap@hotmail.comFOUND

27. Patrick V. Dunn in 1963-64 was Oil King "B" Division. If you know him, contact Lawrence Morrissey at ljmgm@att.net

28. Chief Whitehill in 1970 was incharge of Portside "M" division. If you know him, contact Wayne Korbal at goldenrod1970@verizon.net

29. William Wedlake Machinest MM2 aboard 61-66?, If you know Bill, have him contact Philip Morehouse at philipmorehouse@yahoo.com

30. Wes Thompson -Engineman rating-aboard early to mid 1960's - contact Harry Wagoner at hpwagy@centurylink.net

31. James "possum" Frazier - Aboard early to mid 1960's contact Harry Wagoner at hpwagy@centurylink.net

PLEASE submit your requests in the *SAME FORMAT* as used above. (type it like that in the SUBMISSIONS BOX) Anything else will not be added and only one person per entry. PLEASE Check the "Personnel Office" and the "Honors Page" for the shipmate before listing. (Nobody has been following these rules, Sorry but I will not be responding any longer asking you to re-submit. If your request doesn't appear, it is because you did not submit it properly. Thanks, MAA)